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submitted by Roger Karlsson

Clam AntiVirus reports the following about

UniDist.CAB: Trojan.Dyfuca-11 FOUND

----------- SCAN SUMMARY -----------
Known viruses: 41221
Engine version: 0.85
Scanned directories: 0
Scanned files: 1
Infected files: 1
Data scanned: 0.03 MB
Time: 1.319 sec (0 m 1 s)

The following are the md5 and sha1 hashes for the file:

593349cbddd2a48cf0d9eaa52d79a911 *UniDist.CAB
ea4276ffbaf9617b8adcc748a58e5a0ba96e6651 *UniDist.CAB

Koffix offers you the possibility to:

  1. add to the restricted zone
  2. add to the HOSTS file

The information about is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.


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