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14 January 2007

Spam - Discount Pharmacy Group


Spamming by online pharmacies is an increasingly irritating form of sending unsolliced mails. The aim of this type of pharmacy spam is to lure you into buying pharmaceuticals over the internet. Your health is one of the most precious things you possess. If you feel unwell you should always visit your doctor first. Buying your medications online is potentially dangerous because you could be treating the wrong ailment. Selling pharmaceuticals over the internet is illegal in most countries. An added danger is that in the USA drugs users are switching from heroine and cocaine to prescriptions drugs which they buy using these online pharmacies. Although only the very gullible will order anything from such an untested source huge amounts of money is being made. Remember that a spammer can easily send billions of mails that will cost him almost nothing while one order will make this type of enterprize already profitable,


Several unsollicited mails appeared in my mailbox. These mails came from a host of unrelated e-mail adresses (like but the thing they had in common was that the message in the body of the mail was that they all asked me: Do not click, just type [site] in adress bar of your browser, then click enter. These practices have been investigated.

Related domains

A whois-search revealed that all these mails link to a limited number of sites which Koffix Blocker will block for you to enhance your security:

January 21st update:


John Hall writes

4 thumbs Put you thumb up for this comment Put you thumb down for this comment

Is ABCMEDS.ORG a fradulant site?

# 31 Jan 2007, 18:25

Fred de Vries writes

2 thumbs Put you thumb up for this comment Put you thumb down for this comment is engaged in heavy spamming and ever more new domains are created to continue these practices.

# 7 Feb 2007, 2:50

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