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17 March 2006

Forum Spam - Genomax Group


Forum Spamming is an increasingly irritating form of spamming. The characteristics of this type of spamming are generally off-topic posts, just links or plain nonsense, the same post appears in more than one unrelated forum, and multiple posts are done during a short period of time. Most of these posts seem computer generated. See as an example.

The aim of this type of pharmacy spam is to lure you into buying pharmaceuticals over the internet.

Your health is one of the most precious things you possess. If you feel unwell you should always visit your doctor first. Buying your medications online is potentially dangerous because you could be treating the wrong ailment. Selling pharmaceuticals over the internet is illegal in most countries.


These practices have been thoroughly investigated.

As all these sites appear in different series of unwanted links I came to the conclusion that these sites must be related. Searching through a great many forums I discovered that more than 400 related sites were actively engaged in this practice.

Related domains

Below is a list of sites that are marketed (they appear as links) in the forums in mostly different combinations as forumspam.

Whois details

My investigation leads me to the conclusion that these practices have their origin in India. Genomax Pharmaceuticals is a trading company of pharmaceutical formulations, bulk drugs, medicals supplies and pharmaceutical chemicals, based in India, and is the ultimate supplier of the medicines you buy online via these sites. Some of these sites can be traced back to Genomax Pharmaceuticals and all these sites are related to each other because they appear in different combinations in the same forums as spam.

They use several selling networks (Pharmacy Network, Fast Medicines, Express Drugstore, etc).

Fast Medicines-sites all have a contact e-mail-adres with

Genomax ( appears as spam in forums alongside other related sites. For instance: (part of the Pharmacy Network group) has its Registration Service Provided By: GENOMAX PHARMACEUTICALS PVT. LTD.

To make even more money they have some casino sites and an adult site. They also offer financial services.


Koffix Blocker offers you to block these sites. While blocking these sites will not prevent these sites from being entered into a forum it will seriously affect their usefulness.

Keep in mind that we only offer to block a family of related sites that are engaged in these spamming practices. Many more must still be traced.

The advise that must be given is that forum owners must rigorously delete all post that contain forum spam.


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