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26 December 2005

Forum Spam - The Netomedia Group


Forum Spamming is an increasingly irritating form of spamming. The characteristics of this type of spamming are generally off-topic posts or plain nonsense, the same post appears in more than one unrelated forum, and multiple posts are done during a short period of time. Most of these posts seem computer generated.

The aim of these posts is to supply unwanted links to various gambling sites and this way getting your gambling sites high on the Google-search result list. More links trick Google into putting your site on top of these search results and a site that is highest get more visitors. Sites dedicated to gambling can make huge amounts of money this way.

This type of spamming caught my attention because our own Koffix Blocker forum was targeted by these practices. Which was of course not very wise and thus strengthened my impression that this person or these persons are using 'intelligent' computer programs that indiscriminately target forums.

The posts on all these forums seem to be generated by a specially written program. The downside of this is that the posts are not related to the subject.

Therefore I found that, taking our own Koffix forum as an example, an answer to a simple post about an update read I really need to know more about this... school project. Can you PM me some more ideas? followed by I think that's a brilliant idea.


These practices have been thoroughly investigated.

As all these sites appear in different series of unwanted links I came to the conclusion that these sites must be related. Using the sites that were advertised in our Koffix Blocker forum as a starting point and searching through a great many forums I discovered that more than 200 related sites were engaged in this practice.

Related domains

Below is a list of sites that are marketed (they appear as links) in the forums in mostly different combinations.

Update 2006-01-23:

Whois details

All these sites are owned by a very limited number of people.

All of these owners are connected by similar contact-e-mail addresses at,,,,,, and

When visiting you are redirected to, while,, and are exactly the same in appearance.

I somehow suspect that all these sites are in fact owned by one person and that this person uses aliases when registering sites.

John Sullivan has done some deep digging on the source of these online casinos spam in his article Netomedia Are Blog Spammers and comes to the conclusion that Netomedia (contact e-mail:, an Israeli based company is responsible.

In a press release the founder of PrincessNet, Adi Tarkay, who also happens to be the founder of (contact e-mail:, said "PrincessNet has created a network of Internet communities speaking various languages and functioning - in terms of winning chances - as a single large casino".


Koffix Blocker offers you to block these sites. While blocking these sites will not prevent these sites from being entered into a forum it will seriously affect their usefulness.

Keep in mind that we only offer to block a family of related sites that are engaged in these spamming practices. Many more must still be traced.

The advise that must be given is that forum owners must rigorously delete all post that contain forum spam. Keeping these post untreated in your forum will let Google count these unwanted links and this will put the sites on the top of search results.


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